Union elections in Eurosol

Two workers in Eurosol, Níjar


Last week the workers of our farm in Níjar established the electoral station for the union elections that will take place on November 12.

These elections are held in compliance with the requirements of the GRASP certification, a voluntary module that certifies GLOBAL GAP and evaluates the social practices in the company. This certificate addresses issues related to the health, safety and welfare of workers.

GRASP compliance requires union representation for companies with more than 6 workers, and these representatives must be elected in elections held every four years. In Eurosol, we held elections in October 2017 to determine 9 representatives of the more than 220 warehouse workers and the 30 workers in the office. These representatives are union members–not because it is required by GRASP certification, but because it’s what the workers have decided. They belong to the UGT, CSIF and CCOO unions.

This November, five members representative of the 68 workers at our Níjar farm will be elected. The official candidatures will be presented in the next few days.

Eurosol earned GRASP certification in 2011.

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