A group of international students from of Trinity College in Dublin visits our facilities

Last week we hosted 15 students and 3 teachers from the Environmental Studies master’s program at Trinity College in Dublin. It was a very diverse group of students from ten different countries: China, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, Ireland, Peru and Hungary.
The group visited a melon greenhouse. What’s peculiar about this crop is that it’s trellised, which means that the plant grows upwards following a guide rope or stick. Normally melon and watermelon are grown on the ground without a guide. The trellising improves production and facilitates harvest, although it is more labor intensive.
Our technician Miguel Gonzalez, together with Manuel López, who translated, explained to the students the great efficiency in water saving, using the drip irrigation in combination with the “enarenado” or sanding technique, which helps stop the evaporation of water in the soil. The students showed a special interest in the management of plastic and vegetable waste, as well as the use of bumblebees for pollination and for the biological control of pests.
From Eurosol, we want to thank the students of this prestigious university for choosing our company for this visit, and we hope it becomes a habit.

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